Since 1919, the Manitoba Community Newspapers Association has been meeting the needs of community newspaper publishers throughout the province.

Today, our mission continues to be one that is committed to facilitating the future of community newspapers in Manitoba by being a "value-adding" member services organization.  Our association is dedicated to both effectively meeting and proactively anticipating the needs of our members.

These needs are met through various activities that fall within four primary areas:

1. Government Advocacy - Our goal is to deliver a unified industry voice on relevant industry issues and concerns that capture the attention (and deliberations) of the appropriate level of government - provincial, federal and municipal.

2. Encouraging High Publishing Standards - MCNA sets criteria which community newspapers must meet before they can become members. In fact, the MCNA logo on the masthead of member newspapers guarantees that these newspapers are living up to quality publishing standards and journalistic integrity.

3. Education and Training Opportunities - MCNA organizes activities deemed to be of value and for the betterment of the industry such as the Better Newspapers Competition Awards, conventions, and numerous training seminars.  Our association strives to stay abreast of latest publishing trends and technological advancements within the industry, and regular communicates these developments to members.

4. Classified & Display Advertising Sales Representation - AdCanada Media Inc. / MCNA represents the community newspaper industry to regional and national advertisers and advertising agencies.  Our focus is to position the key attributes of community newspapers, to highlight the benefits of reaching our receptive and targeted readers (customers), and to create both awareness and results for an advertiser's message.