Deadline for Classified Advertising is Noon on Wednesdays, for Ads placed in Manitoba for the following week, except during holiday periods. 

Are you getting ready for Winter? Need

employees? Need to sell something? Have 

an event that you need to publish?  

Over 415,000 Manitobans read these 

Classifieds Ads each week!

Blanket Classified Advertising Options

Blanket the province or pick a specific market area, any other province, or all of Canada!

All that and more is possible with the MCNA’s powerful Province-Wide Classified Ad programs.

Current Circulation (click to see document)

Province Wide Classified Text Only Ads in Manitoba

$189/ 25 words / $5 per every word over 25

(Cost reflects full provincial coverage in Manitoba)

• Text only
• Full coverage or zones (East or West)
• Deadline noon Wednesday for publication the following week. Out of province deadlines vary.
• Book on-line
• Buy 3 get the 4th ad FREE
* Ask us about placing your ad in one of our two zones


Response Builder Ad in Manitoba

Just like the name says, Response Builders do just that. They stand out from other Classifieds, through the use of font, centering and type-face.
$239 ($50 over cost of a province-wide ad)
based on up to 35 agates /
$12 per agate line over 35
• Formatted (text only)
• Full coverage only
• Deadline: Wednesday noon
• Buy 3 get the 4th ad FREE


Power Builder Ad in Manitoba

A Power Builder exposes potential customers to one of the most powerful symbols your company or firm has: that unique symbol which represents your organization visually. This ad has the most bang for the buck, if you are looking to stand out and be seen!

$339 ($100 over cost of a response builder), based on up to 45 agates (10 agates for logo) / $12 per agate line over 45
• Formatted with logo incorporated
• Full coverage only
• Deadline: Wednesday noon
• Buy 3 get the 4th ad FREE


For more information contact: or 204.947.1691



To review our Classified Terms and Conditions, please click here.


Due to holidays and closures, please ensure that you have your ads in and proofed by no later than December 17th, 2018 at Noon - for ads running the weeks of:

December 24, 2018
December 31, 2018
Thank you.