AdWest Tools

AdWest Tools and Services are designed to simplify the Media PLANNING Process Through:

         -  Maintenance of Accurate and Consistent Media information in an online environment  
         -  Marketing and Industry Awareness
         -  Market/Newspaper Recommendations
         -  Campaign Proposals and Placement Service liaison

      AdWest is a joint initiative of not-for-profit community newspapers associations on the prairies, operating as the dedicated research and planning support bureau for the industry.

      AdWest tools that help you in planning your advertising campaign
      Readership ›  ComBase is one of North America's largest media studies, measuring over 200 individual Canadian markets - including 128 in AB, SK, MB and NWT/NU - providing insightful data on cities, towns and villages across the country.

      Flyers ›  This table reports the % of respondents who ‘Sometimes or Always’ read inserts for the specific sector when delivered with the applicable community newspaper.

      PEW Research ›  The survey identified local news consumption by 4 community types – urban, suburban, small town and rural. The survey asked ‘what they rely on’ for information.

      Circ Comparisons ›  Community Newspaper 4 Year Circulation Comparative Data by Province - MANITOBA

      Urban vs Rural ›  Presented are results from a study undertaken by Newspapers Canada to understand the differences between rural and urban markets on spending, travel time to stores, visit stores more often, clothing and footwear, cars and trucks.

      Impact Tool ›  This tool, developed by Newspapers Canada, provides advertisers and media planners with a means of estimating the impact a piece of ad material will have with its intended audience.The data generated by the application is based on the results of 77 newspaper studies conducted internationally, 37 of which are Canadian.

      Market Analyzer ›  Market Analyzer is a powerful cloud application developed for community media planning in Canada.  It is offered exclusively by AdWest and other community newspapers associations in Canada.  A state-of-the-art tool, Market Analyzer brings context to titles by defining their market characteristics at micro levels.

      Interactive Mapper ›  The AdWest iMapper is a tool that combines Google Mapping technology and our existing GIS infrastructure to help media planners assess the relationship between their target and the physical coverage areas of community newspapers.